• DE-5011 Đồng hồ đo điện trở cách điện

DE-5011 Đồng hồ đo điện trở cách điện

Taut band movement
Nominal Voltage:125V,250V,500V
Max. Effective Scale Value:20 MΩ,50MΩ,100MΩ
Mid-Scale Value:0.5MΩ,1MΩ,2MΩ
Model : DE-5011

  • Normal operation conditions:Battery voltage:in range of “BATT.GOOD”
  • Response time:within 3 sec. (It may time in measuring a capacitance loading)
  • Insulation resistance:≧100MΩ / DC1000V between test leads and enclosure.
  • Withstand voltage:AC5500V (50 / 60Hz) for 1 min. between test leads and enclosure.
  • Overload Protection:between test leads (for 10 sec.)
  • Battery:AA 1.5V x 4
  • Safety standard:IEC 61010-1 CAT.III 600V   IEC 61557

  Measurement Ranges:

AC Voltage Range:

Voltage at 50 / 60 Hz

ACV 0~600V


Within ±3% of full scale


Insulation Resistance Range:

MODEL DE-5011        23°C ± 5°C max. 80%R.H

Nominal Voltage




Max. Effective Scale Value

20 MΩ

50 MΩ

100 MΩ

Mid-Scale Value




Primary Effective Measuring Ranges & Accuracy

0.02~10 MΩ

0.05~20 MΩ

0.1~50 MΩ

Within ±5% of indicates value

Secondary Effective Measuring Ranges & Accuracy

Scale out of primary effective measuring range (except 0, ∞)

Within ±10% of indicates value

Accuracy at 0 & ∞

Within ±0.7% scale length from 0 to ∞

Accuracy at no-load voltage

0%~+20% of nominal voltage

Nominal Current

1mA 0%~+20%

Short-circuit Current

Within 1.5mA

*Coarse-line arc on scales indicate the primary effective measuring ranges. (guaranteed accuracy range)


  • Operation:0°C~ 40°C(32℉~104℉)/<85% R.H.(no condensation)
  • Storage:-20°C~ 60°C(-4℉~140℉)/<75%R.H.(no condensation)


  Dimension & Weight:

  • 162(L)x112(W)x50(H)mm
  • Approx.400g (Excluding battery)



  • LINE test lead x 1
  • EARTH test lead plug x 1
  • Convertible test lead x 1
  • Alligator clip x 1
  • Carrying case x 1
  • Battery  AA 1.5V x 4
  • Instruction Manual x 1
  • Multiple ranges for selection
  • Auto discharge of circuit
  • Live circuit warning
  • Lighting function for reading at spots lighting is dim
  • AC voltage measurement
  • Low battery indication
  • Taut band movement

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